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Baby Chicks

Starting them off young is hard at first, but pays off towards the end. Our baby class is intended to give a sense of warmth and comfort, a feeling of home. Our babies will have their own special schedule. We cater to their specific feeding time and napping time. Our baby class will still enjoy all the perks of nursery such as exploring outside individual planning and one-on-one time. Babies will engaged in story time and arts and crafts. The teacher will help promote the appropriate developmental milestone through tummy time activities.

Caterpillar Class

As our babies are now progressing into Toddlers we have a dedicated routine and schedule to help them progress into nursery life. Young toddlers will enjoy more independent activities. We want the toddlers to express themselves through painting, outdoor activities and language skills. You will find the teachers often singing and reading books to the toddlers helping build their communication skills.

Busy Bee

As we watch our little ones develop from Toddlers to Pre-K we will see a difference in the way we approach our learning styles. Children are encouraged to take more control of their learning. We encourage more fun activities such show and tell, Jr. Chef and even Mad Science Experiments. Children are always building their physical skills through outdoor activities such our bike track and even made up obstacles courses.


Our Foundation Stage has a setting of a nursery to help and give them a sense of comfort while building their personality and independence skills to enter a bigger school. Our children will be building up skills such as writing, numerously and phonics, through a wide variety of fun activities.

Little Scholar

We even cater to Foundation Stage 2. For those parents who missed the cut off and need a place that will help keep their little ones on track. We follow the EYFS Milestones and development; we keep children engaged so that they can enter schools.