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At Little Scholar Nursery we are modeled after the British EYFS curriculum and our foundation is that every child matter. We have a blended variety of learning tools to help unlock children’s potential. We want children to take advantage of their childhood by giving them the best quality care. We want to build their social, physical and communication skills through all our resources.

Our outdoor space is a huge part of our learning experience. We borrow key principles from the Reggio Emilla approach ‘children being the constructor of their own play as well interaction with their communities’.

We don’t just stop with our environment we very much use our, teachers and our society to help build and shape the children of tomorrow. At Little Scholar Nursery we believe it’s important to respect and nurture children’s diversity and make them independent and confident individuals.

We want children to take part in the surroundings by being well developed citizen. We believe in respecting their choices as well as giving them a love of learning and a spirit of enquiry to further them.

Extra Activities

At Little Scholar we believe to build a leader for tomorrow we need to equip them with the right tools. We offer a wide variety of extra activities to help build our little ones into problem solves and go getters.

As well as bringing our bright curriculum we believe the communities plays an important role in shaping our young scholar, therefore we offer a wide range of extra activities . We want our little ones to be well develop therefore we expose them to such activities as music, dance, art, drama and even soccer.


At little Scholar we provide Arabic as part of the curriculum.

We offer a daily session of Arabic for our children helping them build their confidence and connect more to the culture of UAE.

We use age appropriate toys such as flash cards and puzzles to further their understand of the letters and numbers guide by our Arabic teacher.

We want children to understand and respect the diversity that UAE has to offer.

Partnership with Parents

Parents are our number one supporters and therefore we encourage all our parents to take part in our setting from simple things as our coffee mornings, to our parents coming in and reading a story to the children.

At LSN we want our nursery to be a second family a place for moms and dads to turn to for help and advice. We involve parents in all the different aspect of learning.

We are in consist communication with parents through our parent app which helps them to communicate with the teacher and find out how their child is doing on a daily basis.

Our Resources

Indoor GYM

With our indoor gym, children enjoy physical play all year round

Messy Play Area

Each classrooms is equipped with messy play activities

Sandpit Area

We have a dedicated sandpit area to help children on their sensory skills as well as their physical and social skills.

Biking Track

We have a wonderful big bike tracks with a variety of bikes to help build the physical skills of all our children.